We treat adventure like any other sport and training is mandatory. There is a rigorous training procedure before undertaking any adventure activity. All enthusiasts have to be appropriately dressed and will be trained in the norms, guidelines and communication language.


The tandem jump is the easiest and safest way to skydive for the first time. It allows you to experience the thrill of your first skydive safely strapped and securely harnessed to the instructor. You share the parachute with the instructor who controls the jump, allowing you to just experience the rush and enjoy the view! After just one hour of ground training, you can experience the thrill of jumping from 10,000 feet.


Since our Parachute is our little flying machine, we use only the best available equipment in the market. All our parachute systems have a reserve parachute and an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) installed. We use only Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems, which are very highly recommended, and the most commonly used tandem systems across the globe.

Drop Zone:

Aligarh Airstrip

Aligarh – Kanpur Expressway
Uttar Pradesh – 202001, India


GoForth Adventures Pvt Ltd,

B-126, Yashwant Place, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi –¬†110021, India

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