65 Women Jumped Into Thin Air to Break the Skydiving World Record.


Source: Redbull.com

One pleasant day, a group of women, jumped out of a plane, to create a beautiful image of aerial aesthetics, with a lot of concentration, dedication, and great teamwork! They went on to break and create a new skydiving world record. Their sight of flexibility up above in the blue skies, from below, was sheer magic!

The all-women team of 65 was led by Amy Chmelecki, an experienced skydiver, who has been jumping since 1995 and have a few great jumps under her belt. Amy Chmelecki led her team to break the women’s vertical, head down, world record. It was done at 5500 meters above the Arizona desert in the United States of America. The team made 15 attempts and finally struck gold at the 16th attempt! They created a new world record of 65 all women skydive!

These women were from across 18 nationalities, and all assembled in Eloy, Arizona at Skydive Arizona.  There were skydiving legends to top skydivers from several countries. There were 90 jumpers in total but the record was finally set by 65 jumpers. It was an attempt of rigorous hard work, after all, there are so many elements especially involved in setting a world record! These ladies battled with nearly broken bones, exploding sinuses, mid-air head kicks, turbulence and extreme freezing temperatures as low as -25C as they went through rigorous attempts at breaking the previous world record and finally ended up creating a new one! 65 women linked their arms and flew headfirst downwards at terminal velocity.

According to Chmelecki, they flew for 8.5 seconds in the final attempt! It was after a long, exhausting week that they finally created an epic record. The week included two training days, followed by three solid days of jumping, and a spare weather day. But it was in this weather day that the world record jump was undertaken!

The team leaders designed the formation, submitted it to the judges, and then the divers had to keep to that specific routine. It was like a puzzle and every lady was an integral piece of the same. They had to keep their spirits up and efforts higher to finally make the best jump.

Then it all came to capturing a single frame so that the judges could mark and make official the new world record – the photograph where everyone is together in a single frame. But it was so much more than just a world record set for a few seconds, it was about the adventure, the challenge, the assembling of dozens of women from all across the world and defy gravity in a team-work par excellence, with grit and hard work to create a world record, all above a desert sky. These women were inspirations and a living reality for the future enthusiasts.


Source: Redbull.com

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