Capturing your First Skydiving Experience is a Must!

Skydiving is an incredible experience of a lifetime; it gets your heart pounding and gives you an adrenaline rush like never before. The whole process is so intense, especially the first time around that it feels like as if it is gone in a flash! It is one of the most important events of your life wherein you did something thrilling, played with your fear, and felt the most alive. Such moments deserve to be preserved, after all, life is but a bunch of memories and moments. From the moment you jump out of the plane into the blue nothingness and fall from a height of about 12,000-10,000 ft, get enthralled in excitement, the breathtaking canopy ride, the slow landing, it is all a journey of a kind that keeps you on your toes every time you recall your first skydiving experience. It is the skydiving photos and videos that you get from your jump that helps in framing your skydiving moments. So whenever you decide to go skydiving in India for the very first time, make sure that you have your tandem skydiving event captured!

Here a few quite important moments to capture while on the day of your first skydive:

Gearing up!

The moment when you are getting ready to skydive, capturing the anticipation is worth it! Let it be natural, whether you have that big smile plastered on your face, or there are worry lines on your forehead, nevertheless deciding to make your first jump, clueless yet positive. All set and ready to go!



Just a few minutes before you jump from a plane, the idea of it still seeming impossible, it deserves to be captured! You may be beaming and maybe a little nervous too. Doing something for the very first time, maybe in a long time, you ought to have that moment framed.


Jumping out of a plane!

This photo captures it all! The excitement, the adrenaline thrill, knowing that there’s no turning back now, and finally, the big leap; this photo right when jumping out of the plane is the display of truth! The raw photograph is the often the best capture of a skydiving moment.



This is the mandatory skydiving photo of people free-falling surrounded by shades of blue, the clouds all around, ‘flying’, and having the time of their lives! This ultimate skydiving capture is the sum-up of the whole skydiving experience, one of the crazy main reasons. This is the perfect display of happiness and freedom, that you’ve made it, looked at fear in the face, and lived it. Maybe every time you look at it, you will have a flicker of the same thrill right then, a proud moment.


Back on earth, but still in cloud 9!

This photo right after landing is the display of that incredible feeling of achievement, the amazing notion of conquering your limitations. It is the moment you actually begin to realize your highest point of being alive. You have jumped from an airplane, free-fallen amidst the blue, looked at the earth from up above, enjoyed some incredible views, and survived! It is like you have left a piece of your soul up there in the air; this photo will make you come back to the drop zone and go skydiving all over again, just to feel this exhilarating adrenaline rush and the taste of victory!


Maybe make these incredible photos one of the reasons you actually go skydiving for the very first time. With a drop-zone near Delhi, the Skyhigh skydiving experience offers some of the most incredible captures, especially for your first tandem skydiving experience. Skydiving in India happens in some really aesthetic locations, with an aerial view of a range of locations, from the mountains to the beaches, the line of green crop-fields, the meandering rivers, floodplains, and the desert! The next time you go skydiving in India, whether it is your tandem skydive or solo skydiving in India, make sure that you capture the best moments. Most skydiving companies in India offer tandem skydiving with a camera and video photography. The skyhigh skydiving in India offers tandem skydiving experiences both with and without a camera, but by now you know which is definitely the best bet!


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