If you aren’t skydiving in 2018 then you are missing out on what it means to be ‘alive’!

If you haven’t already, then do take the dive!

Do you long to experience the feeling of free-falling into thin air from a great height, to have your nerves freeze in a hair-raising sense of thrill as you witness the panoramic views of the earth draped in blue? Then if you haven’t gone skydiving yet, you are missing out on a lot!

Skydiving today is literally everywhere, commercials have been made incorporating it, and it appears in reality shows other than being a mainstay of the military. There is something about jumping out of a plane and falling at 120 miles per hour, it catches people’s attention.

Also called ‘Parachuting’, skydiving is a method of transition from a height into the ground with the aid of gravity, and using a parachute to control the speed during the descent. Skydiving first started out as a series of accidental experiments, until the parachuting technology was developed by the military. Skydiving became an international sport from 1952. It was popularized as a recreational activity in the United States in the 1970s and went through an array of technical developments to arrive at being the popular sport today. In fact, Tandem skydiving only happened after 1984. In Tandem Skydiving, the student skydiver is attached and securely harnessed to the instructor, who controls the parachute and the ‘jump’. Tandem skydiving is the simplest form of skydiving that has become a popular adventure sport of late, with many commercial ‘jumping’ companies offering skydiving facilities to enthusiasts.

Skydiving in India has become a craze amongst not just adventure seekers but also first-timers in a bid to experience something extra. There is a whole new industry centered on ‘adventure travel’, which also features skydiving holidays!

Though as per the dictionary definition, skydiving does categorize as an ‘extreme sport, yet the safety behind the act of skydiving has been tried and tested, all through the years and it is really mostly about the equipment and technology involved. The fatalities in skydiving are rare. All instructors are certified professionals with a daily dose of ‘jumping’ into nothingness! Apart from that the weather and visibility are other factors essential to safety which professional skydivers are definitely aware of.




So in 2018, with skydiving quickly becoming quite sought after, it should be a definite thing on your bucket list! There are quite a few skydiving companies in India that have managed to bring skydiving right at your doorstep! You can simply register online at the skydiving websites and in the next moment find yourself free-falling just two hours from home! Most drop zones in India are now conveniently located. With skydiving becoming a popular adventure sport in India, the cost of skydiving in India is at a much affordable price. There are group packages for skydiving in India at several locations if you and your friends are on a lookout for weekend adventures!  Options include solo skydiving in India, solo skydiving has a certain thrill. In fact, learning to skydive is now quite easy with the emergence of skydiving courses in India for those with a taste for adventure. You can go solo skydiving at some of the best skydiving places in India and get the sky kind of high!  Skydiving in Delhi is now not a hassle, with a drop zone near Delhi, the Skyhigh skydiving experience is one for the books!

The reason why you should drop all your inhibitions and leap into thin air at least once, because skydiving is one death-defying task, literally, that would teach you to trust your instincts and feel what it is like to be alive, right here, right now!


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