Reasons why you should go skydiving at least once in your lifetime!


Skydiving is one of those experiences that are sure to wake you, shake you up, and make you feel alive in real time! Skydiving will feed your adrenaline rush, clear all negativity and make you take one step ahead of your fears. If you want an unwavering sense of freedom, and an incredible feeling of accomplishment, there is nothing like skydiving to make you feel a little bit ‘more’!

Below are listed a few reasons why you should definitely make the leap and jump out of a plane with your own parachute, or preferably strapped to a pro, at least once in your life!

  • It is easier than you think!

Often regarded an extreme sport, it is said that skydiving is not for the faint-hearted. But it is not necessarily true. Skydiving can be a cakewalk (not kidding) once you’ve mastered the art.

With skydiving companies in India and all over the world, offering tandem skydiving experiences, anyone above the age of 18 and below 60 or above given a medical green signal, can skydive!

Since your first skydiving experience will be a tandem skydive, all you have to do is be strapped to an instructor and dive together, as all the work will be done by the instructor, and you can just stay calm and feel.

  • Taste the adrenaline rush!

For most people, it is the taste of adventure that makes them actually keep going! The idea of free-falling from a great height in a bone-chilling sense of thrill is a not less than ecstasy for the adventure crazy folks and other adrenaline junkies. Even if you a first-time diver, or yet to experience your first jump, there is nothing like skydiving to make your blood rushing and get your soul screaming out loud with excitement! After all, it is not every day that we get to jump out of a plane from 10,000 ft willingly and fly in the air just for a few minutes of thrill!

  • The chance to conquer your fears!

Skydiving is your once shot at looking fear in the face and living beyond what had seemed terribly scary! Skydiving is in fact pure therapy! The idea of jumping out of a plane does seem a scary thought, no matter how mentally prepared you are. There are endless possibilities of things going wrong and even the plain thought of free-falling from such a great height can give one nightmare! But once you have skydived and lived to tell the tale, there is nothing like skydiving to make you appreciate life a tad more and make you feel invincible even if for a moment. While you are in the process of skydiving and playing so close to a life-death situation, you will realize that the limitations that govern your daily life are minuscule. The notion that there is freedom beyond fear holds terribly true.

  • It is safer than driving down Indian roads!

It is likely that you are more prone to fatalities driving down a highway in India than actually skydiving! The safety notions of skydiving are tried and tested over time and space. The equipment used in skydiving goes through all levels of safety testing required and maintain high standards of safety. Every parachute contains a backup chute in case of emergencies. Moreover, in tandem skydiving, you will be jumping with seasoned skydivers who have a record of spending more time flying in the air daily than on the ground, literally!

  • Incredible Views!

While you are up there, flying through clouds, you will have the privilege to experience the sight of the earth from up above, which you don’t normally see and that would make up for one of the best moments in your life! The stunning aerial landscapes will sure to leave you speechless. Don’t forget to take your go pro or in many cases, the skydiving companies in India record the entire dive and sell it as part of the package.

So the advice is to not think before you take the leap and you are guaranteed to have an incredible experience of a lifetime! There is a range of skydiving options in India. Skydiving in India has gained momentum with several skydiving websites offering tandem skydiving. The skydiving companies in India offer skydiving courses in India too if you want to explore solo skydiving in India. Skydiving in India is now just a click away as you can simply register online in the skydiving websites and curate skydiving holidays to feed your wild spirit! Finally, there are reasons galore why you should experience the best skydiving in India with skyhigh skydiving with a dropzone near Delhi!



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