Things to know before you go skydiving for the first time.


To feel the adrenaline rush of free-falling into thin air from a great height, is an experience of a lifetime, and most have it as a sure-shot to-do in their bucket list. Going full-on skydiving for the first time involves a lot of speculation! Beginners generally go for tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving refers to the type of skydiving where the student skydiver is strapped to a certified skydiving instructor, by means of a harness.

Skydiving is considered an ‘extreme sport’, though tandem skydiving is actually one of the least challenging sports. All a person skydiving for the first time ever does is, being pushed from the plane, free-falling for 60 seconds strapped to an instructor and experiencing a soft landing with the parachute being operated by the instructor! It is 5 minutes of thrilling bliss at a cost, though comparatively reasonable.

The apprehensions just before skydiving for the very first time are understandable, necessary and common. Here are a few things that you must know before you go skydiving for the first time!

First, the key terms:

Drop Zone: It is the skydiving centre where the jumps are done. Often looks like a large grassy field with an airplane hangar but with a USPA certification.

Jumpsuit: The bodysuit that controls the rate of falling, often acting as a protective gear from the low temperatures at a height.

Free-fall: The first 60 seconds or about of free-falling before the parachute is opened.

Canopy Ride: The parachute or canopy ride to the ground.



Skydiving 101: FAQs and tips:

  • Age is just a number: Anyone between the age of 18-60 can skydive, and those below need parental permission, while people above 60 need a medical certificate.
  • Do the necessary mental preparation: The thought of skydiving is scary, but it is a managed risk that is healthy. There are no restrictions on schedule, and it is advisable to have a good night’s sleep and not an empty or an over-full stomach.
  • You needn’t be an athlete to skydive! Skydiving is not physically strenuous. In tandem skydiving the instructor is responsible for 80% of the work and the rest is on gravity. It promises to overcome the fear of heights, as in such a high elevation it even seems unreal. There will be no trouble breathing.
  • The chances of getting hurt are terribly low: The skydiving equipments are tried and tested, the professionals are certified and extensively trained to deal with any kind of emergency, along with having the experience of being airborne almost regularly.
  • The hardest part of skydiving is only the anticipation: The thought of jumping from a plane mid-air is a scary one, and until you’ve had your first dive you wouldn’t believe your survival, let alone enjoy it! The nerve-wrecking sensation only lasts the few seconds spent before jumping from the plane, and once you are free-falling into thin air, it is pure ecstasy!
  • Make the best out of your time in air! The free-fall only lasts seconds, once the canopy ride starts it becomes all about taking in the panoramic surroundings of the earth below. Skydiving in a place with a great landscape makes up for rewarding views!
  • Skydiving is surprisingly comfortable! Skydiving is quite peaceful and rarely causes nausea as it is simply downfall unlike a roller-coaster. The landing is soft and smoothly done by a practiced instructor.
  • As soon as you land, you’d want to go skydiving again! Skydiving can bring out the inner confidence. The terrifying thrill of the taste of adventure is enough to break into the daily monotony. It is life-altering in ways to many people. It has the capacity to be addictive because of its high-end adrenaline rush!


Skydiving in India has off-late become a popular sport, with many skydiving websites offering even solo skydiving in India. Adventure enthusiasts are interested in learning to skydive. With several drop zones in India, and many opting for skydiving holidays, skydiving has become a popular adventure sport in India. Several skydiving companies in India put in efforts to create the best skydiving in India. With a drop zone near Delhi, the Skyhigh skydiving experience is one worth taking! So the next time you go skydiving in India, make sure to keep these things in mind before indulging in your weekend adventure.


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