1. Getting to the Dropzone


It will take 2-3 hours via the Yamuna Expressway (140km) to reach Skyhigh. There will be one a one hour training. And you’re ready to get-set-go!

2. Now you strap yourself to your new Best Friend!


Meet your instructor! He has over a 5000 jumps under his belt and has been honored for achieving over 48 hours of free fall. Strapped safely to him, we promise the best skydiving experience in the world.

3. Show off a little


Brace yourself! You are about to do one of the most stylish check-ins on your social media timeline. Break the news to your people by saying a few words to our on-sight cameras and social network.

4. Game, Set & Match! It’s time to board


Get on your ride into the sky, a Cessna modified for Skydiving operations. The Cesna takes 30-40 minutes to climb to the jump altitude of 10,000 feet. The cozy comfortable cabin is likely to get windy and cold but don’t forget to marvel at the view below!

5. Take a deep breath and FREEFALL!


As you inch to the edge securely strapped to the tandem master take a deep breath, feel that rush. Before you know it, you’re flying through the sky at 200 km/hour. The free-fall lasts 20-30 seconds, then the parachute opens and in another 4-8 minutes you’re back on the ground. Don’t forget to smile all the way, you’re on camera!!!

Drop Zone:

Aligarh Airstrip

Aligarh – Kanpur Expressway
Uttar Pradesh – 202001, India


GoForth Adventures Pvt Ltd,

B-126, Yashwant Place, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 110021, India

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