We treat adventure like any other sport and training is mandatory.

There is a rigorous training procedure before undertaking any adventure activity.

All enthusiasts have to be appropriately dressed and will be trained in the norms, guidelines and communication language.


The tandem jump is the easiest and safest way to skydive for the first time. It allows you to experience the thrill of your first skydive safely strapped and securely harnessed to the instructor.

You share the parachute with the instructor who controls the jump, allowing you to just experience the rush and enjoy the view! After just one hour of ground training, you can experience the thrill of jumping from 10,000 feet.


We use the best and most sophisticated equipment available in the global market. We use a dual parachute system which has a main parachute and a reserve parachute. The reserve or the emergency parachute is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) which activates automatically in an extreme emergency situation.

We use only Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems, which are the most commonly used tandem systems across the globe.


Ground Training

Once you reach the dropzone, there is a mandatory ground training program for every jumper. Our experienced team of instructors will guide you through the maneuvers in the air to make your jump an experience of a lifetime. The training involves understanding the stages of the jump, good posture, communication language and landing technique.

Gearing Up

After the training, the instructors will have you all geared up to take you to the skies. Make sure you wear comfortable fitted clothes and footwear to be comfortable during your jump.

Game Set Match

Once you are set, you will board the aircraft that will take you to 10,000 feet. The cozy and comfortable cabin can get windy and cold, but don’t forget to marvel at the views below!

The Skydive

You sit on the edge of the aircraft, securely strapped to the tandem master and before you know it, you’ve taken the giant leap and are flying through the sky at 220 km/hour. The free-fall lasts 30-40 seconds, then the parachute opens and in 5-8 minutes you’re back on the ground. Don’t forget to smile all the way, you’re on camera.


Vantte Lindevall

The ultimately best part was the freefall, it felt like it lasted an eternity at the same time it was just a blink. Even afterward when I re-lived the jump, I could feel it in my stomach and the euphoria arising. Thank you Skyhigh for fulfilling my childhood dream!

Punya Kalra

It has been the best birthday of my life. It is very hard to explain your first skydive in words. But an experience of a lifetime is just two hours away from Delhi now, it is unmissable, so gift yourself some life! I am going back very-very soon.

Rishika Baruah

Skyhigh is the real deal. I had major cold feet before my dive, but team Skyhigh was amazing, they made me forget all my fears. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I am all set to go again. Thank you Skyhigh, I am still wearing the smile you gave me! #Stillfeelingtherush

Rahat Kulshreshtha

I have jumped abroad before, but couldn’t wait to try it in India. Their quality, standards, and hospitality is truly world-class. It is truly made in India. More power to you Skyhigh.

Tarun Grover

It is really the sky-kind-of high. The view, the weather, and the feeling- it is amazing that skydiving has finally come to India. The team is fabulous, the hospitality and experience were awesome. Kudos to Skyhigh!

Rohit Nangia

I have been waiting to do this for a really long time and I couldn’t wait to try it since it is so close to Delhi. It was unreal- jumping into the clear blue skies and free falling. The team is highly professional and the facility is top class! I am going to keep coming back.

Parth Kalra

From the environment to the training to the actual plunge, it was mind-blowing. I will never forget the feeling of freefall and cruising through the sky like a bird. Recommend it to everyone.

Sahil Khanna

It was the best thing I have ever done. From the take-off to the jump to the flight to the landing, it was perfect. Thank you Skyhigh!

Swarnita Solanki

It has been my dream to jump out of a plane. Thank you Skyhigh for making my dream come true. You set me free and I am coming back for more! Cheers

Geet Tandon

We are all living, but are we really alive? Thank you Skyhigh for making me feel alive. That feeling of jumping out of a plane and cruising through the comfort of your own blue skies is the most amazing rush I have ever felt.

Saroj Joshi

Thank you for making me feel like age is just a number. It is a great young team doing some fabulous work. Recommend the sky-high experience to everyone.

Sunita Khanna

Those who don’t jump will never fly. Skyhigh is true to its tagline. The most amazing experience of my life, ever.


I came from Finland, when I heard about Skyhigh, I had to try it. I was very scared at first, but the team was amazing. After the jump, I feel like no dream is too big, no task is impossible. Best experience. Feel truly alive.

Elizabeth Kuruvilla

From the fall to the landing, the jump lasted barely three minutes. But it’s difficult to forget the rush of the fall and the beauty of gliding in the sky once the parachute opened. It’s been days now since my free fall, but I have been reliving those three minutes that I flew in my head; especially the few seconds that I lost all control over my brain, and all I felt was fear.

Karan Khimani

Sitting on the edge of a plane and jumping into the crazy orange and blue sky was a one-in-a-million experience! Those three to four minutes feel like a lifetime! I want to jump again and again and again. You guys are amazing, I will be back soon.

Nitin Bhargav

Skydiving was on my bucket list and since it is so accessible, I had to tick it off. The experience surpassed expectation. The drop zone is fascinating and the skydiving experience, the view, and the people were all amazing. Recommend it to everyone. Full Power!!




Founder, CEO & Skydiver


Co-Founder, COO & Skydiver








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