Frequently Asked


A drop zone (DZ) is a place where parachutists land. It is also a base from which recreational parachutists and skydivers take off in aircraft and land under parachutes.

Cesna – 172. The 172 Skyhawk is an American single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing.

Yes, you need a basic medical fitness certificate from your doctor to quality for skydiving.

8-60 is the ideal age group for Skydiving activities.

Anybody up to 90 kilos is fit to jump.

People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before jumping. Those under any kind of specific medication must carry a fitness certificate from their doctor as some drugs may affect judgment. If the instructor at the drop zone advises you against jumping on fitness/health grounds, you are entitled to a full refund.

We follow a zero-tolerance policy against narcotics or consumption of alcohol within 24 hours prior to jumping.

We recommend comfortable, preferably athletic clothing.
Sneakers and sports shoes would be ideal.

Except monsoons and peak summer, all year round is ideal for skydiving.

Skydiving is subject to weather conditions. We will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check. And if the weather is very poor, we will reschedule your jump at another convenient time.

Tandem skydiving in India happens from 10,000 feet

20 to 30 second, it depends on your body weight and the wind speeds at the time of your jump

You can eat a regular meal. Unlike roller coasters, you won’t feel giddy or nausea while skydiving.

It may seem like one jump and landing, but there is a lot more to skydiving. There are different types of skydiving in India, and each provides you with bigger and better excitement.

The only time your body can feel lighter than a feather is when you fall through the air from thousands of feet above. While roller coaster rides are a combination of gravity and acceleration, skydiving totally works on the magic of gravity. It is something that you cannot experience anywhere on the earth.

A tandem jump is a more secured alternative to skydiving in India. In this jump, you will be harnessed with a skilled tandem instructor throughout the journey. You both will leave the plane together and enjoy the free fall for a minute before the parachute opens. Your instructor will safely bring you back to the ground.

Instead of opening the parachute after the free fall, there will be a fixed line in the plane to which all the parachutes are attached. After jumping, the line pulls a cover off and releases a canopy. You might be familiar with static line skydiving from the war movies. It is the ideal method used in the military for quick and safe jumping.

Typically, skydiving in India occurs at 4,000m (12500 ft) that gives a free fall of 40-50 seconds. For a better free-fall time, you can switch to higher altitudes. You can enjoy skydiving both as an individual or a team.
Skydiving in India is available for people above the age of 18. However, jumpers below the age of 18 must sign a letter. Also, if you are above 40, you must present a health certificate from your doctor.

#1 Ground Training

When you visit Skyhigh, you are given a mandatory ground briefing before the skydive. The briefing consists, maintaining posture, communication, and landing technique.

#2 Gear Up

Once you have completed the ground training, the instructor will gear you up with the harness. It is best to wear apt clothing and laced up footwear.

#3 Boarding The Plane

Once you have harnessed and onboarded the aircraft, you will climb up to 10,000 feet before exiting for your skydive. It’s the time to enjoy the picturesque beauty all around while flying like a bird.

#4 The Skydive/moment/experience

once out of the aircraft you will plummet towards the earth at 200/feet per second, in simpler terms @220km/hr. The freefall lasts for 20-25 seconds. Once the parachute opens @5000ft above the ground it takes 4-5 minutes to touch down.
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