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Skydiving Essentials: Your Guide to the Best Skydiving experience in India for Beginners with Skyhigh. India’s First Skydiving destination

Embarking on the best skydiving experience in India, especially as a beginner, requires careful consideration and preparation. Here’s your indispensable checklist before taking the leap with Skyhigh India, known for delivering the best skydiving experiences in the country:


Certified Excellence: Choose the best by opting for Skyhigh India, a certified drop zone affiliated with the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India. Skyhigh’s commitment to safety and excellence meets international standards.


Tandem or Solo?: Delve into the best of both worlds with a tandem jump alongside a skilled Skyhigh instructor or a solo dive if you’re a beginner who has completed the required training and holds necessary licences.


Weather Watch: Enjoy the best skydiving conditions with Skyhigh’s experienced instructors, who guide you through clear skies and optimal weather conditions for an unparalleled experience.


Dress For the Part: Skyhigh India provides jumpsuits, goggles, and other gear to ensure your safety and enjoyment.


Fitness Check: Ensure you meet the physical fitness requirements of Skyhigh India, known for tailoring the experience for skydiving. Communicate any health concerns  with the Skyhigh staff.


Training Excellence: Experience the best training session if opting for a solo jump with Skyhigh. Learn about equipment usage, safety procedures, and landing techniques from the experts in the field.


Instructor Credentials: Trust in the best with Skyhigh India’s certified USPA licence holders, each boasting a remarkable track record of successful jumps. Their extensive experience adds an extra layer of confidence.


Mindset for Flight: Prepare for the best adventure of your life with Skyhigh India by cultivating a positive mindset. Trust in their training, safety measures, and expertise, allowing you to savour every moment of the breathtaking skydive.


As you check off these essentials, remember that you’re not just preparing for a jump; you’re setting the stage for the best skydiving experience in India for beginners with Skyhigh. Ready to soar above the Indian skies? Let the countdown to an unforgettable freefall with the best in the business begin!

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