What Do You Need To Know About Skydiving in India?

Adventurous activities are not only meant to take our spirits high but also to give a new perspective towards life. One such soul-satiating and exhilarating adventure is “skydiving.” 

Skydiving is an adventure sport of falling through the air from an airplane before opening a parachute to land. It is among those adventurous activities that can offer you an immense adrenaline rush and sensory overload. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should bag. 

There’s no doubt in asserting that skydiving is on the bucket list of every adrenaline-junkie. Fortunately, skydiving in India has made the dream of skydiving possible for the Indians. 

What’s So Fun About Skydiving?

The only time your body can feel lighter than a feather is when you fall through the air from thousands of feet above. While roller coaster rides are a combination of gravity and acceleration, skydiving totally works on the magic of gravity. It is something that you cannot experience anywhere on the earth. 

What Are Different Types of Skydiving In India?

It may seem like one jump and landing, but there is a lot more to skydiving. There are different types of skydiving in India, and each provides you with bigger and better excitement. 

Accelerated Free Fall

This type of skydiving involves jumping with two instructors and falling under their instruction. However, once you open the parachute, you will be on your own. You have to tackle all the difficulties and land alone. In this fall, you need to leave the plane at 15,000 feet, free fall for 10,000 and pull your ripcord to open parachute.

Tandem Jump 

A tandem jump is a more secured alternative to skydiving in India.In this jump, you will be harnessed with a skilled tandem instructor throughout the journey. You both will leave the plane together and enjoy the free fall for a minute before the parachute opens. Your instructor will safely bring you back to the ground. 

Static Line

Instead of opening the parachute after the free fall, there will be a fixed line in the plane to which all the parachutes are attached. After jumping, the line pulls a cover off and releases a canopy. You might be familiar with static line skydiving from the war movies. It is the ideal method used in the military for quick and safe jumping. 

What Is The Standard Height Of Skydiving in India and Who Can Do It? 

Typically, skydiving in India occurs at 4,000m (12500 ft) that gives a free fall of 40-50 seconds. For a better free-fall time, you can switch to higher altitudes. You can enjoy skydiving both as an individual or a team. 

Skydiving in India is available for people above the age of 18. However, jumpers below the age of 18 must sign a letter. Also, if you are above 40, you must present a health certificate from your doctor. 

Say Yes To Freedom With Skydiving! 

There’s nothing in this world that can compete with the thrill of skydiving. If you are living in India and yearning for an adrenaline rush, you must definitely try skydiving. We can vouch that only skydiving can give you the feeling of total freedom. 

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