Skydiving In Hyderabad Prices Vs Skydiving Delhi Prices

What’s the adventure for you? It is riding your bike at full speed or falling from the sky without any shackles? If you nodded yes to the latter, you definitely need to try skydiving in India. There was a time when skydiving was only a cinematic experience, but the world has advanced multi-fold and you can jump from the sky any time you want.

There are plenty of skydiving centres in India where you can get the best skydiving experience. Before selecting the ideal skydiving centre, you will compare its features against different parameters, like safety measures, credibility and pricing. Among all the factors, pricing is the most crucial one. You cannot ignore the fact of how much a skydiving centre is costing you for the jump.

How The Pricing Factor Is Decided?

Each centre costs differently for the same service. Hyderabad skydiving centre has a much lesser price than in Delhi. Why does this happen? What are the variables that act in price variation? Let’s discuss.

International Affiliation

The skydiving centre in Delhi, i.e., India is an international skydiving dropzone that is affiliated with the United States Parachute Association. Such prestigious academies will definitely charge you a fair amount for the services it provides. However, you cannot expect such quality features at other skydiving centres like in Hyderabad.

Safety Measures

Skydiving centres have to provide all the required safety measures to their customers and they have to charge you for that. For instance, Skyhigh India offers Dual Parachute System with an Automatic Activation Device. These safety features are not available anywhere else in India which creates a monopoly. Hence, it’s just a good amount you pay to safeguard your life.

Types of Skydive

Another important aspect that affects the pricing is the type of skydives available at the academy. There are many academies that provide different types of skydives. But, it is essential to find a skydiving centre that is expert and credible in a particular type of skydive. For instance, Skyhigh India offers Tandem Jump which is their USP. It is the easiest and safest way to enjoy skydiving. You will get the thrill of diving from a height of 10,000 feet.


Every skydiving centre has to provide training to its customers before the jump and they need to cover the cost in their price. Hence, the pricing will differ according to the type of training the academy provides. Skyhigh India offers one-week ground training which includes teaching the communication language, right posture, and landing technique; these are the fundamentals of skydiving. Additionally, they provide safety gear to all the customers.

As a result, Skyhigh India cost more than the drop zones in Hyderabad for all good reasons. They are foreign-affiliated dropzone, offer proper training and safety measures, but above all, they tend to provide the most amazing skydiving experience you can ever have in India. If you are living anywhere near Delhi, you must try Skyhigh India at least once in your lifetime. Check out the Skyhigh India website and book your spot today.

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