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Skydiving is a fantastic sky sport that lets you fly like a bird. All skydiving staff and tandem instructors at Skyhigh are certified USPA license holders and national award winners with thousands of jumps under their belts.

If you are planning to skydive and want to feel like an eagle in the high skies, here are the five best skydiving safety tips you can follow:

 Best Skydiving Safety Tips in India

1)     Wear Comfortable Clothes

When you are skydiving, make sure that you feel light and comfortable. Wear loose cotton T-shirts ( preferably collarless ) and track bottoms. To make the most of the adrenaline rush when you fly in the sky, it is important you feel relaxed. Avoid wearing jeans or synthetic garments as they will make you sweat and may cause discomfort during skydiving.

2)     Eat a Light Meal for Breakfast

Skip your morning parathas. Instead, have a light breakfast like fruit or a bowl of oats. Your stomach should not be full when you are skydiving.

Remember how it feels in the stomach when you are on a giant wheel? Skydiving is one of the most adventurous sports and some people may feel nauseous because of the swift movements. Therefore, just like your clothes, make sure you feel light and comfortable in your stomach before skydiving.

Don’t skip your breakfast though. You need energy. Only then you can enjoy the sport. So don’t go skydiving on a hungry stomach.

3)     Keep Your Health in Check

A person above 100 kilograms may not be allowed to skydive. It is because you need strength and agility for skydiving and being overweight makes it harder to work against gravity.

Plan your fitness routine two to three months in advance. If you are above 100 kilograms, try and bring your weight between 90 and 100 before you skydive. Other than that, everyone who is planning to skydive must start with some basic fitness routine such as swift walking, jogging, and stretching. Keep your body active and eat healthy before you go for this super adventurous sport.

4)     Train Well

At Skyhigh, you have the best of instructors who will guide you about skydiving. You will learn how to maintain a good body position, and how to communicate with the instructor. If you have any health issues, let your instructor know in advance. Feel confident and be in control of your body when you skydive. You can feel the rush of jumping from 10,000 feet after your ground briefing.

Now get ready to fly high in the sky with these five skydiving safety tips. Go ahead and book your skydiving slot at Skyhigh today!

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